Monday, May 17, 2010

One Room Down...

...and plenty more to go. There are 4 full baths in the house, not sure what to call this one. It's closest to Meili's room, most likely to be used as a guest bathroom, but not the pool bathroom and not the master bathroom. Make any sense? I guess we should call it the Chinese bathroom (without the squatty.)

I saw this shower curtain online and had to have it. It has 200 Chinese words, with the character, pin yin and English translation. In this room, you can get a little education while you are doing your business, I guess. The prints (that you can't see) are by a Chinese artist that does watercolor on silk. We have had these for years and love them.
The bamboo plant was a birthday gift from a dear friend.
I hope she doesn't mind that it ended up in the bathroom...;)

I think the photo needs a smaller frame, but it's of my Meili Grace in China on her first birthday.
Next up, the nursery!!! 5 kids and I've never had one before so we're really having fun with it. The walls are painted, the twin bed and crib are up with matching bedding, the 100 Good Wishes quilt is up, vinyl lettering for the wall has arrived, and the hunt is on for curtains and a rug. Almost done!

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Mark and Heather said...

Two thumbs up. Need you to now come over to my house and decorate for me. :) Hope all is going well for the fam. We miss you here in the Old Pueblo.