Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Baby is Turning Two...

I've been in denial about the fact that Meili Grace is about to turn two for a while now. Kids grow up too fast anyway but when you have missed their first 13 months, it's even worse! She's still my baby and I'm going to reserve the right to refer to her as 'the baby' for a bit longer-maybe until she is 28.

Since the big day is one week from today, I decided I had better face reality and do some shopping. I've had my eye on this ride-on thing for a while now and I think she's the perfect size and age for it right now. It's been ordered but may or may not arrive on time for her actual birthday. I don't think she is going to care one way or another and we are just happy to have HER home this year so it will be a good day no matter what!


Kim said...

They do grow up fast.. I sooooo LOVE this little bug.. I hope to get Isabella one some day..
Can't wait to see her cute little party. .
And they will always be your babies no matter what age..

Linda and David said...

I totally agree! Micalee will be turning 3 next month & the fact that I missed the first 2 years of her life makes me want to stop this whole growing up process!!! I can't wait to see Meili's birthday pictures!