Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Potty Training... The Month in Review

Oh my! Have I really done this 3 times before??? One month, 82 changes of training pants and 4.3 pounds of Skittles later...we almost have a potty trained boy. Its been a long month of accidents, streaking, bribery and wearing underwear as headgear in our house but he's just about got it down. The challenge that we're facing now is that we just had the carpets cleaned on Saturday and I'm not brave enough to do the underwear this week. We've resorted to pull-ups and Xander realized that he can pee all day in one of those and not notice the difference. One step forward and two steps back, I guess. We'll get there one of these days. He won't graduate from high school wearing a diaper!!!

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tracy said...

I'm right there with ya! I tried Weston, but failed and gave up. He does both, but I couldn't take the pee on the carpet any longer. I can't believe I've done this a million times before either. It's such an exhausting process. Goodluck!