Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thank You Secret Pal!!!

Yep, this has got to be the best way to mark that we are another month closer to bringing Meili home...another secret pal gift! Our pal sent some really cute things-a baby toothbrush with ladybugs on it (of course!), Hello Kitty Band-aids, a Chinese handkerchief, a Baby Einstein lullabye CD (I've been wanting one of these!) and an adorable baby rice bowl with matching baby chopsticks. It was even fun to look at the Chinese newspaper that the bowl was wrapped in! I didn't know that they made these-at least not this cute! Thanks again secret pal!!! I hope that you are hanging in there and not getting too discouraged with the wait. It's a long road but there is a baby waiting for us at the end of it!!!

1 comment:

Lee-Anne said...

Love the rice bowl!!! Too cute!