Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

A Self Portrait-notice the metal mouth

The Two Witches of the House
The Trick or Treat Gang
Noah the Friendly Ghost
Audrey Trunk or Treats
Audrey wore a pirate outfit to school and a witch costume later to trick-or-treat in. Peaches was happy to play along.
Taylor was glad to be completely incognito...this year he's starting to feel a little silly trick or treating with the younger kids. I told him to give me one more year so that I could enjoy it knowing that it was his last time to trick or treat. He did go to a party at a friends house. When he got home he reported that there were girls there. I about had a heart attack!
Xander was a 'frong' (strong) pumpkin this year. When we stuffed him with shopping bags to plump his pumpkin, he thought that he was getting muscles...

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