Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Missing Meili

I saw this picture when I was scouting out online adoption education courses for myself and for clients and it made me smile...and miss Meili. I don't know if you can miss someone that you haven't met yet, but I miss her.

I'm gearing myself up for a May referral and July travel. Bad news....it will be hot-but we're used to 110 on a good Summer day. Good news....less clothes to pack (more room for shopping!) and the kids will be out of school. As of today, I think that we will take Taylor and Audrey with us to China. We're not telling them, of course, in case things change or we can't affort their airline tickets. I just can't see the kids (the older ones, anyway) missing out on this experience. They are just as frustrated with the wait as we are and they want to meet their sister just as badly as we want to meet our daughter. Plus, Taylor is a good photographer...;o)


Lee-Anne said...

Cute photo! May, you reckon? I was hoping for April!!! I guess there's hope, then there's reality!

ISn't it hard deciding whether or not to take the kids? We always said, no, they'd stay home with my mum, but by the time we eventually do travel, Harry will be 5 and in school... he's already settled down HEAPS, in the last 6 months. I think we'll just wait til it's time.

tracy said...

I totally understand missing someone you've never met. Great photo, it makes me miss my daughter.

Lisa & Jeff said...

I also have my hopes set for summer travel. It would make things so much easier with the kids being out of school. Cute picture.