Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Funny Boy

Sometimes life is just funny. Today, Xander provided the entertainment. We were walking back home from the bus stop-just the two of us and I asked Xander if he could count to 10. I thought he could-just wanted to be sure. He said yes and proceeded. This is what came out of his mouth: "1.....2.....3.....YOU ARE GOING TO TIME OUT!!!" No idea whatsoever about where he got this. ;o)

Next, as part of our daily Mommy/Xander play time we got out the basketball hoop (Little Tykes indoor variety) and proceeded to burn some time. Xander scolded me when I made my first shot and said, "You forgot to 'getcha head in the game,' Mom. You gotta do this (dribbling) first!" For those of you who may not be familiar with it-he was alluding to High School Musical and the number where the basketball team is doing a choreographed dribbling routine to a song entitled, "Getcha Head in the Game." It was just too funny.

After a good hour in the play room, I excused myself to go switch over the laundry and came back to this. Xander had pooped out on the doggie bed (we only have stuffed ones that the kids love to play with) still dressed up as a pumpkin-another one of his daily rituals since Halloween. That's my boy!

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