Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Latest China Info-

On the Impending Changes: By now the whole world knows about the impending changes to China's adoption requirements. Since the NY Times article came out this morning, I've had several people comment on the article. For those thinking about trying to eek their way in by the May 1, 2007 deadline several agencies are saying that your dossier must be China ready by April 1st, another says April 15th. I heard directly from an agency today that said if you haven't started paperchasing yet and would be affected by the new changes, don't bother. Yikes, the race is on.

On the Wait: I was perusing adoption agency sites looking for alternative programs for home study clients that may no longer be eligible for China adoption in the near future. I came across an agency's program overview spreadsheet. They had already updated the China Requirement column to reflect the impending changes. What struck me was in info found in the Wait to Referral column. It said 16+ months but will continue to lengthen gradually through 2007. If this means all the way through 2007 then that would mean and 24 month wait for us and worse for those behind us. Since they had already updated the Requirements section, it makes me wonder if they know something we don't and worded the Wait to Referral section to also reflect info gained at the December 8th meeting. Ugh. Only time will tell.


Lisa & Jeff said...

I also read that one agency said the wait would be around 15 months and that they heard that at the meeting. How can one agency hear that and others hear that it is going to lengthen? IT DRIVES ME NUTS!!

Lee-Anne said...

I got a letter from our agency (here in Australia) today, they said they know nothing about the new regs!!! I just thank my lucky stars that we are logged in, when we are. Double figues today! (10 months) That's gotta be good, right?!