Monday, July 30, 2007

Getting Closer

Today we drove for almost an hour to the long-arm quilting lady's shop (we'll call her J.) I hope J didn't mind the parade I brought along with me. The kiddos were curious about what was going to happen next to Meili's quilt top and wanted to help.
J was very kind and gave the kids a great explanation of how the machine works which is pretty cool. I thought that it would be all computerized but it is not. She actually stands behind the quilt and guides a red light over a template of choice (we chose ladybugs, of course!) The machine is a foot or so away from the template and light and mimics the pattern onto the quilt. I might be able to describe the process better after a good night's sleep...;o)
Anyway, the quilt should be done minus the binding (Bless Betty's heart-She is going to do that too!) and tag(will have that embroidered this week) my mid August. We are getting so close-what a fun ride this has been! We spent the drive home talking about all of the things that we did in anticipation of the rest of the chidren which was fun. Granted, with my early deliveries, we only had about 7 months to prepare for each of them!

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jennifer said...

That is really cool. I don't know anything about sewing or quilts, so I don't know what all the words mean. I am very anxious to see the finished product.

I guess the long wait for Meili makes up for the short pregnancys.