Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where's the flood?

My calling (job) at church sometimes necessitates that I leave the house early to attend meetings leaving Matt to dress the little boys. Taylor and Audrey can usually fend for themselves in this area and I figure that since I dress the boys Monday thru Saturday, I really shouldn't rob Matt of his one chance in the week to experience the 'joy.' Well, maybe I should...
When Matt showed up at church this morning with the boys, this is what I saw. Now, I've seen some interesting ensembles come out of the Bouton home but this one has to be the trophy winner. First, those are Xander's pants which means they are 2-3 sizes too small for Noah! Yes, the poor kid is named Noah-HE DOES NOT NEED TO HEAR ANY MORE FLOOD JOKES!!! Second, with pants that short, how could you miss the white socks??? And these aren't just any white socks. These belong to his 9 year-old SISTER, folks!

This look may have worked for Michael Jackson in the 80's but this poor boy got everything from snickers to odd looks today. I've never received so many hand-me-down offers in my life. Don't get me wrong-I love hand-me-downs but the combination of events today had me mortified! In perspective though, Heavenly Father probably doesn't really care what a kid wears to church as long as they show up, right?

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jennifer said...

That is unbelievably hysterical!!!! I would have wanted to kill him! You can use that picture as blackmail for years to come! I'll bet you'll be laying out clothes from now on.