Monday, July 02, 2007

Only Half of the Kids, Still a Busy Day

Audrey is in CA with her grandparents for the week and we sent Taylor off to scout camp at 4:30 this am. He'll be gone until Saturday. So, down to two kids. What to do...

I took the boys to the new Rat movie (can't spell it.) The movie was cute. The fact that Xander had to pee 3 times during it was not. We then killed some time at the mall. I let the boys play on the play equipment for a while, picked up some hand soap, browsed the book store, scoured my usual clearance racks then headed to the grocery store, picked up a couple of sandwiches at Subway and went home.
I decided to try to make Clean Mud (unravel 6 rolls of toilet paper in a large container, cover with water, add 1 1/2 cups borax and 2 flaked Dove soap bars. Let the kids mix it with their hands. Cover when not in use.) for the boys to play in and invited the neighbor girls over to help. It was fun but not so clean. There will be scraps of it all over the house for days. If it wasn't 111 degrees outside, I would have had them do it on the table on the back porch. We may have to do this again in the Fall. Matt came home from work and wanted to take the boys out for pizza for family night. First we hit the pet store, then headed over to a furniture store that was having a sale. There is a bedroom set for Audrey that I've had my eye on for a while. She has never really had her own bedroom furniture. Long story short, it was on sale and we got two twin beds (one for Audrey and one for MEILI! since they will be sharing a room.), two nightstands, a dresser with a mirror, a chest, and a bookcase for a total of ...drumroll please....$1300!!! It looks white but is really a light wood whitewashed with a cream colored paint if that makes any sense. I really like the scrollwork on the pieces.
When I was 8 years old, my grandparents bought me a matching set of bedroom furniture. It has always been very special to me and several of the pieces are still in the family. In fact, Audrey uses the dresser now but it is on it's last legs. I hope that she and Meili will enjoy this furniture as much as I loved mine.

If I could find some bedding that I liked (and could afford) I would choose a paint color, paint the walls and give Audrey the surprise of her life when she comes home but I am too indecisive. I spent hours on ebay last night and can't seem to find something that I think she would like. Truth be told, I've been looking for months. I may have to go do some real shopping today but my hopes aren't too high.

The boys had a great time at the pizza place stuffing their faces and playing games. Even though they are the most demanding two of the four children, it was easier only having two heads to count and a 1 to 1 adult to child ratio again. But having said that, I wouldn't trade our kiddos for the world! I can't wait to have 5!

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jennifer said...

I am always surprised how easy it is when you take one (or two) out of the mix. It doesn't seem to matter which one either. The furniture is cute. I know Audrey will be so excited.