Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hen Hao Chi!

LiGen and Felix demonstrate the art of dumpling making.

I did say "bu hao yi si" (excuse me) before I reached for the pork filling...

Mark and Matt in the kitchen.

We just finished session 3 of our Mandarin class! For our final day, our lao shi (teacher) invited our two native Chinese buddies, LiGen and Felix, to come and teach us how to make jiao zi (dumplings.) These were delicious and I was so glad to come home with the recipe. I'll post it later if I get a chance. We are very fortunate here to have a Chinese Cultural Center about 10 minutes from our home and access to a lot of educational opportunites there. We told our teacher that we would not be signing up for the next class because our kiddos are starting team sports and our time will be tight but I'm regretting that decision and will probably email her today. We've come a long way (with a significantly longer way to go to become functional in the language) but I'd hate to backslide at this point. I have a crazy dream of being able to actually converse with the people we will meet in China particularly those who may have played an important role in Meili's early life. Zai Jian!

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