Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bang Bang-Another Bullet Post.

*I've started a running program and so far it's pretty sad. I saw a girl on GMA that lost over 100 pounds by running. She started out only being able to run for a minute or two but added 30 seconds of running each time she got on the treadmill. She always spent at least 30 minutes on the treadmill, walking when she couldn't run. So, I went to the gym on Thursday, ready to see how long I could do it. As soon as my 5 minute warm up was done, I started off at a good jog but needed the volume on my MP3 turned up. I had stuffed the darn thing into my shirt so it wouldn't bounce all over the place while I ran so I had to fish for the volume button through the cotton fabric. I ended up turning on 'record' and got a few seconds of my huffing and puffing before I finally went back to a walk and sorted things out. Take 2 happened yesterday and I ran for 5 1/2 minutes before I had to go back to a walk. Pitiful. I've picked up some jog bras and gel inserts for my shoes so that should cover any potential future excuses. I'm shooting for 6 minutes (whoopee!) on Monday. I'm still sore from the torture device that I blogged about a few days ago. The next day was rough-had to let my hair air dry because it hurt too bad to hold up a hair dryer.

*Just finished up the yard sale. We made 63 dollars and some change. I should say 'I' made the money because Matt and Taylor took off on a scout camping trip last night that Matt conveniently left off of the calendar and didn't mention until two days ago. I think soon I might have to 'conveniently' forget to tell him that I have a girls' weekend planned in Vegas and leave him with a day's worth of kid events to tackle as a single parent some weekend. It was all I could do not to put a 2$ sign on Matt's canoe.

*Noah had another baseball game today. I hope I don't jinx this by putting it in print but I think we actually have a child with some athletic ability in our family! Matt and I are not athletic at all so we have very low expectations but this kid has a great swing and is pretty consistent in his hitting. He also did some fancy fielding during this game. During one play, I said to myself, 'Who's kid is that???' and it was MINE!!! Couldn't believe it. So this is how the other half lives.

*Noah and Audrey also had a piano recital today. They did great. I could tell that they were nervous but they have improved alot over the past year. We are so lucky to have a piano teacher that comes to our house. I get to listen to their lessons while I make dinner on Fridays. Beats waiting in the car for an hour!

*It's been a busy weekend and it's not over yet. Tomorrow, I'll be busy from sun up to sun down. Have I mentioned the book that I am writing entitled, Day of Rest, My Foot-Memoirs of a Frazzled Primary President?

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OziMum said...

Congrats on a successful yard sale! I love having yard sales!!! I love to purge!!!

Good luck to Noah with his game!