Friday, April 04, 2008


I was born and raised in So. Cal. Matt and I moved to Utah just after we were married. Mostly because of logistics, but also because we became busy being newlyweds, students, apartment managers, parents, etc., we lost touch with most of our friends from high school. Thankfully, my best friend from jr. high/high school (also a Jennifer) and I found each other online and have kept in touch recently. We were able to meet up on our last trip to CA at a park and catch up and watch our kids play together.

Here's my Audrey and her Elizabeth:

I have great memories of our friendship. I remember lots of trips to the beach and peddling around town on a tandem bike together. We had a few spills and composed a song about one of them. I still remember the words! One of the funniest memories for me was when we were at Matt's aunt's house for an after Prom swim and realized that only one of us had remembered to bring a swimsuit. It was a two piece and for a split second, we contemplated whether or not one piece for each of us would suffice! I also remember that Jennifer came to the hospital and painted my toenails when I was stuck in a hospital bed with a hip-to-toe cast. I could go on and on. Here's to many more!

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