Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New Torture Device

I've had my eye on this thing at the gym for months now and just this morning got brave enough to try a class thanks to my friend, Shana, and the free pass that she procured for me. I made the observation lately that the same people have been going to my same old aerobics classes for the past 4 years and guess what? We're all still fat!

This gizmo, on the other hand, always has thin, fit people using it which can only mean 1 of two things: a)If you are fat and use this machine, you will get fit and thin or b) If you are fat and out of shape, you have no business being on this machine because it will kill you.

4 minutes into the 30 minute class, I decided that b) was the correct assumption but I did my best and finished it out. As I sit and type this, my body is screaming at me and I really want to go get a Ding Dong out of the freezer but I am determined to get healthy and ditch the second behind that I'm now dragging around. So, I'm going to hope that a) has some merit and will head back there next week for some more torture.


Lisa and Tate said...

Okay... I have seen you and you look marvelous!!! Second behind??? Babbbhaaa!!! No way!


Mark and Heather said...

Bravo to you! Thanks for the giggle!

Jenn said...

Lisa-You are a sweetheart! However, in the almost two years since we've seen each other I've put alot of blog hours on this hiney...;o)

Erin said...

I have no idea why but I started giggling when I read this post and couldn't quit! There is a machine at Curves that I absolutely hate. I actually snarl when I approach it. I hate that machine with every fiber of my being.

I also wanted to say that your comment on my blog about our big secret - well, my mom emailed me and said, "Your friend Jenn is psychic." Wink, wink. I hope to say something by the end of this week. I really want a link to attach to the post.

Have a great weekend!