Friday, April 04, 2008

Guess where we've been!

That's right! The happiest place on Earth! Although in the second pic, I am anything but happy. See the light spot on my stomach? That's the ONLY part of me that was dry when the picture was snapped. We had just come off of the raft ride at California Adventure. My adventure consisted of trying to keep warm after the sun went down and the cool ocean breeze started to blow. For some reason I was the only one who got wet and I got drenched. I have decided that I would hate to freeze to death!
On a more positive note, we did have a wonderful time and it was great to do the amusement parks without a baby. (Next time, I'm hoping we won't be so 'lucky') Xander was able to do almost all of the rides so our little 4 year old has gone on Space Mountain, the Matterhorn (sp?), Thunder Mountain, etc. I was surprised that he made the height requirement and had planned to sit out the big rides with him but this worked out much better! Matt was stoked that not counting the online ticket purchase, we went to D-land and only spent 9$(2 popcorns, free parking), then went to California adventure and only spent $12(parking, no food.) No, we didn't starve the children. We just took our own food in a backpack and the kids didn't ask for ANYTHING! We really are cheap but it's a good thing!

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