Friday, June 15, 2007

Clean Water Project Pictures

Someone shared a link to the A Child's Right/Clean Water Project website on a board yesterday and I had planned to share the link here today for those who may be interested. RQ posted it on her site today so this won't be news to anyone in China Adoption-land. But for friends and family members who aren't living and breathing all things China like we are, here is the link: (Click on the China Project and keep clicking the + to advance the pictures) If you have ever wondered what the inside of an orphanage looks like, this will give you a good idea. There are about 184 pictures of 8 orphanages on the site. The pictures show children from as young as a day old on up, probably to 13. I thought that the pictures of newborns would be tough to see knowing that Meili could be that age right now but what surprised me was how heartbreaking it is to see the older children. It makes no sense to me why they have to grow up in an orphanage when there are so many of us lined up and ready to parent children. We are already in line for an infant but if there is a next time, I think it would be for a waiting/older child. In fact, there are usually about 3 or 4 neighborhood kids over at the house at any given time, anyway. I don't see why we couldn't handle a few more...

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