Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm a Bargain Magnet!

When I first started researching China adoption several years ago I was a bit discouraged when I found people blogging about their vacations to Egypt less than a month after returning home with their daughter and how they were decorating their vacation homes. Great for them, but I figured that that meant we would never be able to afford to adopt from China ourselves. Happily, I was wrong. I strongly believe that if we can do it with four kids and (basically) one income, anybody can do it. It is a choice and you just have to be creative and know how to stretch a buck.

There are few things I love more that finding a good deal. I seriously believe that if I came into any money, my life would be ruined. It is just too much fun to hunt for the ultimate bargain. Here are some of my latest.

8 Shirts for the boys from Children's Pl*ce=$7.14 (That is total folks, including tax!)

Nike shoes for Meili=$7.99 Children's Pl*ce outfit=$3.98

I also bought jackets for the boys for $2.50 each and shirts for Audrey and dress shirts for the boys for .99! I only have a few things left to get and school shopping will be complete for 4 kiddos! My goal is to get it all done for less than $100.00.

One day I'll blog about how I stretch grocery dollars. I've thought about writing a book so that others could benefit from my psychosis several times but there are already too many out there... I'd love to hear what any of you do to save a buck. Or you are always free to share about your vacation to Egypt...;o)

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Dana said...

Remind me, is this an everyday sale price at the children's place outlet or a special sale? Let me know when I can go get these types of bargins.

I'll do some porch shots soon

Thanks Dana

PS are you having fun with the links I sent?