Monday, June 11, 2007

Dance Week

This year Audrey has taken Ballet and Hip Hop. She loves it! The recital was this past Saturday. Here are some pics:

In her hip hop gear-I had to bribe her to wear the hat sideways so we could see her face.
In Ballet attire, but with her hip hop teacher, Addison. He also teaches my Hip Hop for Moms (I call it Hip Hop for 'Has Beens') class. He reminds me of my brother, Jason, but with fewer tatoos!

The Hip Hop Girlz-Audrey's on the far right

and the ballerinas-Audrey is back-center.

You did a great job, Audrey. We are so proud of you!


Christie said...

OMG!!! Too cute girl! Too freaking cute!

I know you hear this alot, but have I mentioned how stinkin cute your kids are?!?

Jeesh...babies from the "Pretty Factory"...I tell ya...


Mark and Heather said...

Very FUN!!!!! You must be so proud!!