Monday, May 11, 2009

And It Just Keeps Getting Better, Folks...

Late last week, travel approvals (TA's) continued to trickle in for families who received their referrals in the last batch. That seemed like a good indication that things were still moving along in the right direction, albeit slowly. Then news came in that some of those families, could get Consulate Appointments (CA's-in Guangzhou-in order to get their child's Visa to come to the US) but were being refused appointments with provincial officials to finalize their adoptions in China. This is so frustrating-particularly for those families that have already purchased airline tickets that they may not be able to use.

Even after all of this, I was still optimistic for good news this morning and the possiblity of seeing a referral this week, especially since the pig flu news seemed to be less panic-inducing and on the decline. Instead, we woke up to news that there was a confirmed case of the pig flu in mainland China and this person had recently flown in from the US. Great. To add insult to injury, it looks like China has suspended issuing Visas and will not honor some that have already been issued. The following is a quote from an RQ post. I believe the poster works for a large travel agency in France:

"We have been passed information from the Chinese visa application centre today that due to recent events regarding the Swine Flu outbreak, the Chinese Embassy are suspending the issue of visas to certain applicants. This applies to travelers holding passports with entry / exit stamps in their passport (anytime from the 20th April and onwards) to the following countries: Mexico, Spain, USA and Canada." We have been advised this change applies to both new applicants and any travelers holding existing valid Chinese visas. The Chinese authorities have also advised us that there is a strong possibility clients arriving in China by
flight, on a previously issued visa, may be refused entry by Immigration officials, if their passport shows any evidence of recent travel to any of the above countries. Please be aware that this information is yet to be updated on the Chinese Embassy's website, but we will of course keep you updated if we receive anyfurther news regarding this situation"

Our agency has been sending out daily emails, even if just to say that they have no new news. So far, nothing today. Still praying that things will work out sooner than later. Sadly, it's all that we can do right now.

On a lighter note, we spent a great day together as a family yesterday. Matt made a wonderful Mother's Day breakfast including homemade cinnamon rolls. He rolled them up short-ways instead of long-ways so they turned out HUGE, but nobody complained. (Yes, he bakes-and sometimes answers to 'Mathew Stewart.') We went to church mid-day and the kids sang in sacrament meeting. I'm not sure they knew half of the words but they were certainly cute standing up there. After church, we took a much needed nap and then headed out to a symphony concert in the park. On the drive home at about 8:30 pm, it was still about 94 degrees! We came home and ate brownie sundaes for dinner-perfect!

One of the positive things that have come through this crazy wait is that I hug the 4 kiddos that we have at home a little tighter, appreciate them more and try to enjoy the small things and the quiet moments with them. I found a plaque the other day that said, "My greatest blessings call me Mom" and that's exactly how I feel.

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DebbieLP said...

You've been on my mind, Jenn. It's getting beyond ridiculous, but it can't last forever, it only feels like it will. You & yours are in my thoughts & prayers. Hang in there!!

Debbie in Mesa