Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Things We'll Do For a Merit Badge!

Taylor has been just one 50 mile bike ride away from earning his Cycling merit badge for almost 2 years. We thought a ride to the beach might be the safest (and flatest!) way to go so we made it happen when we were in CA for Janine's graduation. Here we all are after the 1st 30 miles and before heading back to our starting point. The brave participants were:
Taylor, Jared (my brother) and Matt

Bill (Matt's Dad), Jennie (Matt's sister)

Me-To be honest, I made it 50 miles and stopped at a Circle K for a pick-up. At that point, I was sure that if I continued any further that the bike seat would have to be surgically extracted! The rest of the crew made it the full 60+ miles.
And Papa Jim-Jim (my Dad.) He was also crowned the Biggest Loser among several family members that participated over the last few months. He's lost almost 30 pounds and is looking great!
James (another brother) also joined us but for some reason was not photographed. Sorry James!

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