Saturday, September 08, 2007

Another Desert Dweller Get Together

The Desert Dwellers-minus Shannon and family and Ann's Matt ;o( - reunited last night to celebrate MeiLi H's recent arrival from China and Meili R's recent referral and her family's upcoming trip to bring her home. We met at a pizza place and had a wonderful time visiting and stuffing our faces! Here's the cupcake cake! How cute is this? Thanks, Heather and Mark!
Lisa and Rob M.-Thanks for fitting us into your busy schedule. We're so glad you came!
Ann drove about an hour and a half (one way!) to meet up with us which always makes us feel special! We missed you, Matt. We'll try to plan better for you next time. Ni hao!, Heather and Mark-our Mandarin class buddies! and Xie Xie for the goodie bag-you guys are too much!!!
Lisa and Jon brought all 5 of their cuties including 2 adopted from Ethiopia and the star of the show, MeiLi, who has been home for less than a month! This is the first time that our group has included a Chinese daughter which makes it all seem 'real'. Love it!
You don't have to think too hard to figure out why Dana, Burt and Co. are smiling. They leave this Friday for China to pick up their Meili!!! Dana plans to update her blog daily and I have offered to 'blog sit' in case it is easier to email so follow along and leave them some comments!
Happiness on my face and game tickets in my hand.-X
Matt was wonderful with the kids as usual and kept them entertained while I chatted away with the girls. From the pic, it doesn't look like he minded all that much.
Thanks for a great time everyone! Can't wait to do it again!


Dana said...

Nice post of our visit. We had a great time. Thanks

The Chuinard Hepner's said...

Thanks so much Jenn! It was so great to see everyone! We were kid herding a lot haha, and can't wait for the next gathering to chat more... :) What a great group!