Sunday, September 30, 2007

Moon Festival, Bouton Style.

We were a bit delayed, but we did it! After church on Sunday we had Chicken stir-fry, spring rolls and salad for dinner. Audrey brought her 'Mrs. Frizzle' book about China
to the table and follwed the instructions for using chopsticks.
Noah has his own modified 'both chopsticks in a fist' method of using them.
Taylor's got it down and has declared himself, "China-Ready."
After dinner, we read about the history of the holiday and took turns saying what we are thankful for. The common theme was family-the people we have and the little person who we hope to welcome soon. When the sun went down we went outside and ate these. Six WW points each, ouch! There was a beautiful full moon on Wed. but tonight we had too much cloud cover to even see the moon. Next year, we'll plan better.

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