Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day

Matt had a rare day off today. I'm sure that he was thrilled with what we ended up doing-shopping and home projects!!! We had a few hours this morning with Grandma Debbie before she had to be at the airport so we headed out in search of Littlest Petsh*p toys. The kids are addicted to these things and Grandma Debbie treated them to several. I was quite pleased with myself for showing up at the place with the big red bullseye on the sign when it opened on the day that the flip flops hit the clearance rack. I bought 13 pairs for just over 22 dollars total. I took the picture to document my insanity. In my defense, though, I do live in a place where I can wear these year round and several pairs were for A. Now that I think about it, for $22 do I really need to defend myself???
Of course, Labor Day would not be complete without a trip to H*me Dep*t! We bought some soil and about 9 plants and bushes to replace the ones that Jackson (aka Dogzilla) has destroyed in the backyard. We also bought some stakes and wire fencing to keep him out. I hope it works!
We also spent some time at the local pool and had a lazy evening hanging out with the kids. I can't believe that we have to return to reality tomorrow. We have had such a fun weekend...

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