Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday Hike

It has been hotter than you-know-where here lately so we thought it would be a good idea to head for the hills where the temps are about 25 degrees cooler than they are in town. I think that this is the first pic we have ever of the whole family on a hike. Usually one of us has to be behind the camera. Thanks, Grandma Debbie!
Here's Grandma Debbie with the kiddos.
Xander decided half way through the return hike that he was through.
Look at that grumpy face.
Now with a smile-and the best seat in the forest. Poor daddy's back!

My favorite conversation of the day:

X: "Mom, what's that?" (pointing to the ground)
Me: "That's moss growing on a rock."
X: "Nope, you're wrong. It's green so it must be Kryptonite."


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