Monday, September 17, 2007

This and That...

It was another busy weekend in the Bouton household-one of those where I know that we were busy but not quite sure what we have to show for it until I sit and think about it. Matt, Taylor and Audrey woke up early Saturday morning and participated in a service project. I stayed behind with the little boys and canned 72 pounds of pears. They are delicious! Matt was a great help with them in the afternoon when I was running out of gas. He made the observation that he had spent the morning pulling tree stumps out of yards and the afternoon canning fruit-in touch with his masculine and feminine sides all in the same day!
Noah attended the 'best birthday party ever' on Saturday for his favorite fellow China adoptive sibling-to-be, Camden. He is still talking about it! While he was at the party, Matt and I spent some time in a book store. We left with some great finds including a Mandarin/English dictionary. In addition to our weekly Mandarin class and CD series that we listen to, we are going to start learning a new Mandarin word from the dictionary each day. Our first word was lí (2nd tone) which means pear.
Anyway, back to our Saturday... Later that night, we split up and Matt took X and T to a Wildcats (U of A not HSM) football game while I took N and A out for dinner and shopping. We came back home and watched 50 First Dates. Thankfully, the kids fell asleep before I realized that it probably wasn't appropriate for them to watch!

I should also mention that I received a surprising email on Friday from our brand new Orphan Officer at our local USCIS office. It said that our I-600a application had been approved and our new I-171H was going out in today's mail. I don't know what surprised me more-that it was processed in less than 30 days (has been taking 90+!) or that the OA not only contacted me by email but also gave us her direct line in case we needed to contact her in the future. I would hate to jinx things by putting this down in print, but I may have just witnessed something that could pass for customer service from a government agency!

In the most exciting news, Dana and Co. are in China and will be meeting their Meili while we are sleeping tonight. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and check their blog!

Speaking of sleep, I've been dreaming lately that referrals start coming for whole months at a time and suddenly we are only 3 months away from our own referral!!! How would THAT be??? The other dream that I have had several times is that we receive our referral for Meili, bring her home and print up adoption announcements with her picture and the caption, "It's about damn time!" I really thought that I was doing ok with the wait recently. Maybe it's because my subconscious is working things out for me while I sleep! =)


OziMum said...

Ooo how I am praying that your dreams come true! That would be a miracle!!!

Matt and Ann Densmore said...

Your adoption dreams are good ones! I like yours better than my Christina Aguilera dream:-)