Thursday, July 09, 2009

Care Package #2

Shortly after we received our referral, we were thrilled to be contacted by a family (Hi, Cathy!) that was preparing to take a birthland tour to China and specifically to Meili's province and orphanage. They very kindly offered to take a package to her for us! We put together a package that included two cameras (labeled with Meili's picture and the Chinese characters for her name), a blanket (washed with our usual detergent and sprayed with a little of my perfume), a snuggle bunny that was a secret pal gift, a photo album with pics of each family member holding Meili's referral picture, some Jelly Bellys for the nannys, and Saf-T-Pops for the orphanage children. Instead of having to send the package all the way to China, we only had to send it to a city about an hour and a half from us and they placed it directly into the orphanage director's hands. What a blessing!

You can read about the family's experience in Meili's province here. I really enjoyed reading Cathy's posts and getting a feel for Jiangxi province and for the experience of a China birthland tour. I really hope we can return to China with Meili one day! Thank you Cathy and family. We are so grateful!

I've been an adoption social worker for about 3 and a half years now and I've made several observations based on my experiences. One of them is that there is just something very special and cohesive about the China adoption community. This is one example out of many of folks being willing to go out of their way for one another. I hope we can pay it forward to another family one day.

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