Thursday, July 30, 2009

Last Day in Nanchang

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has sent emails and commented on the blog.  We aren't able to respond to the blog comments but please know that we are very appreciative of the kind words and well wishes.  We wake up every morning between 4 and 5 am and go straight to the computer. 


Thanks to Debbie for letting us know about the morning exercises outside of our hotel room this morning.  We went and it was something to see.  The speaker/boom box powered by a car battery was a hoot.  We were surrounded by women asking questions about Meili.  They wanted to know how old she is and how many teeth she had, etc.  It's amazing how effective a means of communication pantomime is!  Of course, I didn't have our card with us that explains who we are and why we are carrying around a Chinese baby.  That would have been helpful!


Today we are going to go to the park and then to the porcelain district.  After that, we have to pack up for a late flight to Guangzhou.  Please keep your fingers crossed for us as I have caught Meili's cold and am running a fever.  That could buy me a one way ticket to Q-town if I can't get it under control this evening. 


Meili is still all smiles and giggles this morning but will still scream during diaper changes and during her bath.  She is fine once fully clothed again.  Between her thumb-sucking and petite stature, she has earned herself the nickname, 'Thumbelina.'  She will still go to either Matt or I but if she's tired, she wants mama and wants to curl up on my shoulder.  We call that her 'happy place.'  She has an amazing appetite and likes things that are spicy.  She can eat a pile of noodles the size of her head and then still put away some steamed egg and rice congee.


Taylor and Audrey are doing extremely well.  We are so proud of them for how well they are behaving (they usually are at war with one another), how helpful they are and how willing they are to try new things.  They are trying any of the foods put in front of them and actually like most of it.  Audrey put a chicken claw on her plate at breakfast yesterday and gave it a try.  She said it just tasted like chicken fat.  She's looking for some duck tongue to try next.  Audrey was also the first one to get a giggle out of Meili and both she and Taylor have play time with her while Matt and I get things done in the hotel room.  We debated for years about whether to bring them or not and we're definitely glad that we did. 


It may be a while before I post again since we have to pack up the laptop.  I'm hoping that the internet access will be as good in Guangzhou as it has been here. 


Edgar & Barbara said...

Have a great time in Guangzhou...lots of shopping to do there! ; ) Love the picture of Meili smiling!

Hope you are feeling better...sending prayers your way.

Many blessings to you all...
Barbara (in Orlando)

Debbie said...

So glad she is coming out of her shell!!! Glad you were able to see the sound system!!! I know exactly what you mean by waking up and going straight for the computer, oh how those messages from home mean the world to you when you are half way around the world!!! Hope everything went well with the flight to GZ. Life will be a little different as everyone caters to the adoptive family. Don't get sucked in!! My comment was "don't have any money right now" If you like Italian food there is a great Italian restaurant on the island. La Dolce, if you head towards Lucy's, past the tennis courts the last intersection before crossing the river you will go left and it is about 2 - 3 blocks on your left. Check with the hotel to get exact directions. YUMMY food!!! Lucy's was good, the deli by the White Swan is good!!! Be sure to check out Jordan's store, he is a Christian man and is very sweet. Another christian lady and I cannot remember her name, if you go towards Lucy's take the next left right after Lucy's. Her shop is in the middle of the block on the left and there is a little convenience store right next door. Have fun and enjoy yourself!!!! You're almost home!!!

Kramer said...

I am so excited to see she is coming out of her shell! What a wonderful thing. It sure looks like you are having a wonderful trip. I loved the photos from the countryside. I am praying the flight was uneventful and no Q time for you! Can't wait to hear more!

Luna said...

I hope you're flight went well. They never checked our temps for the in China flights. I'm sure unless you looked sick, you would be alright.

Enjoy the White Swan! You guys are going to LOVE the breakfast buffet!! I'm sure you're going to love the shopping too! Make sure you get Meili's picture painted in the bottle and also the etching done in stone. You can have her photo taken at 7 Eleven and they can use that do the painting.

I glad that you have been able to get some smiles out of Meili!

Luna said...

BTW, Jordan is who did our painting of Ava in the bottle.

Kara said...

Just checked in today. Pictures of Audrey holding Meili brought the tears a-rolling (still have pics of her holding our Audrey, and now she has her real sister to hold). It's a beautiful story, and I am so happy for you all. Woei is reading along with me. He said the IV thing is true. We're enjoying your updates. Travel safe. Hope you feel better health wise.

A Thankful Mom and Wife said...

Jennifer - we are so happy for you guys! Jackie sent the link to your blog in her update. So excited that your trip is going so well. Makes us think of our upcoming trip as well. Travel safe!
-Kris and Scott