Monday, July 27, 2009

Quick Update and Pics From Taylor's Camera

Last night, we went to dinner with our guide and some of the families in our travel group.  I wish I would have taken the camera.  It was the best Chinese food I've ever had in my life.  After what we saw on the breakfast buffet yesterday my expectations were quite low but it was amazing.  We walked over to the place (I'll have to ask our guide what the name of it is) and went inside and hiked up 4 flights of steps.  It was really hot inside but they took us into a private room that was air conditioned (!) and started to bring out the dishes one by one.  There was a spicy potato thing, spicy cabbage with pork, lamb on a stick, spicy beef, broccoli, rice, steamed egg for the babies and a fried banana bread thing that was delicious.  Meili ate a bowl and a half of steamed egg so we figured that she was full.  My favorite part of the evening was when she started to play with my necklace and attempted to feed it to me.  I finally got a little smile out of her as we were feeding each other my necklace!  After that, she seemed to perk up quite a bit.  When the watermelon was served, it got her attention and she ate a few pieces with the most energy we've seen out of her yet. Things are slow but moving in the right direction! Last night we all got a good night's sleep so today should be even better.  Here are some random pics from Taylor's camera.  I'll try to do the same with Audrey's camera sometime soon.


Jen said...

Thank you for sharing your journey! I love to follow and see what hopefully is ahead for me someday!

DebbieLP said...

Can you even believe it? Can you believe she is finally in your arms? Can you believe you're actually in China,after all this time? Can you believe how hot & humid it is? :)

I am SO happy for you, and glad to hear Meili is warming up to you so quickly! Really, she's smiling and letting you feed her--wow!

Staying tuned for more of the fun!

Debbie in Mesa

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

ok.. I have been in the hospital so I am catching up...
LOVE the photos..
Thank you for sharing your journey.