Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We're Off to China!!!

It's been quite a chore to get four of us ready to go to China, two ready to stay behind, four kids ready to start school and a house (almost) ready to put on the market with an Eagle project in the works for good measure these past few months but we are as ready as we're going to get and as excited as we can be!

We are so grateful to our friends and families for your support and especially for the help with our boys (and dog!) while we are away. Noah and Xander are having a sleepover with the Posts and then another with the Moodys. Then Grandma Judy and Papa Jim Jim have planned quite an adventure for them. They are going to have a blast while we are gone!

It's finally time to meet Meili and bring her home! We already love her but can't wait to get to know her. In all of our excitement, we're also very mindful that it isn't going to be easy for Meili to leave all that is familiar to her. We're ready to help her with all of the big changes that she is about to go through and to be patient with her as she learns to trust us. The real adventure is just beginning!

We'll do our best to update the blog while we're gone. Next time, from Beijing!!!


Emily said...

Good luck and please keep us posted!!

Scrappy Bug said...

WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! The time has FINALLY come!!!

:) So looking forward to seeing Meili in your arms!!! Got goosebumps from head to toe for ya!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

YEA... safe travels..
I am sooo ready to see her in your arms..

Edgar & Barbara said...

You are going on a trip of a lifetime! Enjoy EVERY minute of it! Before you know it, YOUR daughter will be in YOUR arms...and what a feeling that is.

Have a safe and blessed trip!

Many blessings,
Barbara (in Orlando)

Lisa and Tate said...

OHMYHECK!!! Safe travels.... Can't wait for you updates.... This is exciting stuff!

Sophie's World said...

WE just came back from Nanchang. Be aware your blog might not work. If you have a chance got othe water show there, ask your guide. dont over pack cause they do it by overall weight not individual. Have fun and enjoy. It is very hot there but wonderful.

Dana said...

Have a most wonderful trip. Can't wait to see Meili in your arms finally. We had that same 10 hour layover in SF. It was the longest part of the trip, glad you have family coming to help and visit with that will help. All my best wishes Dana

Sherrie said...

Oh How Exciting! I sure hope you have a wonderful trip. Congratulations! I am so glad this is finally happening for you after all the many months/years you have waited. Best wishes always! I can't wait for the updates.

Chelley said...

Praying you have a super safe trip!!!