Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday in Nanchang

Yesterday, it poured down rain all day long.  We got up and had breakfast in the hotel buffet then got on the bus and headed to the notary which here is more like a judge.  She asked us a few questions and signed our adoption registration.  Next we walked to Walmart which is nothing like what we have back home.  It's three stories tall and was really crowded.  There is an escalator thing that you use to take your cart between the floors.  Taylor bought a computer game and I got about a dozen Michael Jackson DVDs and CDs for about 2-3 dollars each.  We also got some Chinese music and children's books, a couple of jade necklaces and chinese toys for Meili.  The funny thing was all the little baby boys in split pants.  Their parents put them into the cart with their 'junk' in direct contact with the seats.  I laugh when I think about how different that is from in the US where parents use padded cart covers and stores have sanitizing wipes to use before putting a fully clothed baby inside.


After Walmart, we came back to the hotel and took a nap.  Matt picked up the pictures from the disposable camera that came with Meili.  The pictures are of terrible quality but we can see her playing with toys and standing up barely holding on to a rail with one hand.  She is definitely holding out on us and can do much more than she lets on.  We have a long row to hoe with her.  She is almost 14 months old but is the size of a 9 month old and behaves more like a 6 month old.  She gave us a half smile two nights ago but we haven't seen one since.  She would rather sleep than interact with us but we keep trying to coax her out of her shell.  She is still sick and is cutting four teeth which isn't helping things.  She is still eating really well and finally pooped yesterday.  We can't wait to get home and get into a routine. 


For dinner, we thought about eating in the hotel buffet but we weren't hungry enough to pay $70 us for dinner for the 5 of us so we headed out to a market and picked up some noodle bowls and snacks to take back to our room.  We didn't have any utensils in our room so we were looking for chopsticks in the store without luck.  I asked, 'Kuaizi zai nali' and three ladies lit up with smiles on their faces and pointed me right to them.  A full grocery sack came to about $2.  We came across a bakery on the way back to the hotel and splurged on a $6 cake.  I'll try to post pics to the blog sometime today and update later tonight after our tour to Teng Wang Pavilion.


Luna said...

I feel like I'm back in China again while reading your posts!!

I hope each day gets easier for Meili and she lets down her guard. There was one baby in our group that screamed and screamed for days. By the second week that child was a TOTALLY different baby! She was happy and smiling and all of us were amazed how well she was doing. For whatever reason, she did much better when we made it to a new hotel. Hang in there....You will be getting those smiles soon.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the posts.. so glad you are posting.. I am excited.. I feel like I am there with you..
Sounds looks like the kids are having fun..
Have a great evening..